Friday, February 29, 2008

there's only two things certain in this life...

It happens every year and is often a time that most people dread, April 15th.

However, it is a time that I look forward to at the dawn of every new year. Most people often make New Year's resolutions about losing weight or quiting smoking but these things mean nothing to me. I have one resolution every year and that is to make more money than the last. And somehow it always comes true...Imagine that!

While most people are scrambling to get their 1040's detailing their measly earnings for the year out on that day, I am always out at a bar counting my stacks. It is a holiday of sorts for me. I would compare it to waking up on Christmas morning and running down the stairs to see what awesome gifts Santa brought you. Except this time it is the IRS and they are generally giving me quite an ample return. I have hung my W2 above my headboard so I can look at it everyday when I wake up and go to sleep. While it is quite pleasant to look at it is also a reminder that come next year there better be an even bigger one in my newly furnished bedroom.

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