Monday, February 11, 2008

Baller laboraties

Here at Baller Laboratories we are committed to debunking many of the myths surrounding the wasting of money. This often requires rigorous field testing ( i.e. wasting money on hot ladies at the bar (lab) in order to see what's behind that lab coat). In case you were wondering ladies, that is a test tube in my pocket...a fuckin' huge one!

Currently our latest debate has been over the "Intelligent Design Theory" of spending money Vs. "The Big Bang" Theory. I bet you can guess which one we are the proponents of. Let's see here, the first posits that a careful planning or spending of money over a specific timeframe is the way in which humanity must live. BORING! Let me tell you about a much more exciting and real way in which "life" is created. It involves a big explosion, usually from our pocket books or dongs, and is known as the Big Bang. Go ahead and think about the last time you were in a bar...where was the giver of lively times in that establishment? I can tell you one thing it not the dude counting his pennies into stacks to spend over the course of the next seven days.
If there is one thing that science has definetely proven that is that The Dollars Maximus is only the more evolved species than that of Spendas Littlus. We are here to inheret the earth and populate it with superior beings.

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