Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hating it rain.

You know him. Quite frankly, this guy is one of the most reprehensible beings in the history of the earth. They come out when the weather turns cold and don't leave until the trees begin budding in the spring time. In what is arguable the hardest time to live in the Northeast these numbskulls make day to day life even more trying.


Yes, it is that stupid guy who wears shorts during the winter. Is there a more loathsome character in the world? I suggest that there is not. They are generally are over weight teenagers but the truth is they come in all shapes and sizes.


You may wonder, "How does this relate to the act of hating it rain?". Well, let me ask you this question in return, have you ever meet someone who wore shorts during the winter who turned out to be a successful business man? Ever meet anyone who wears daisy dukes while there is a negative 4 windchill pick up a shorty in a bar? Have you even seem someone wearing shorts in the middle of a blizzard while lighting a cigarette with a hundred dollar bill?
Yeah, me neither.


You can bet that the guy pictured above is wearing pants.


Anonymous said...

You really couldn't find a picture of Boober to put in this post?

makingitrain said...

i searched boober on google images but the only photo's that came up were of boobies. sorry

Jose said...

I agree with the sentiment, but you should take the time to edit your posts. You simply have sentences that make no sense, brother.

makingitrain said...

I thought the whole point of blogging was that there was no need for an editor. At least that is what mainstream media has taught me.