Tuesday, February 26, 2008

baller laboraties, experiment 2

We are back with our next installment, this time challenging derogatory statements made against the wasting of money. I'm sure you can all remember back to time when you really wanted to squander your hard earned allowance money on some awesome toy that a commercial during the saturday morning cartoons convinced you to buy.

And guess what your Mom said, "That's like flushing money down the toilet!" Well here at baller laboratories, we have decided to test what it feels like to actually flush money down the toilet.

What better thing to do than literally flush your hard earned money down the crapper without even blowing it on shit. WARNING: This activity is for those with excessive amounts of cash. Some of our findings from leaving money in the toilet is that your mother will be really disappointed in you or you may find your broke ass roommate fishing one's out with a coat hanger. But perhaps the best feeling about leaving money in the shitter is when some fly bitty is at your place and has to take a dump.
Of course she will see the money and be dumbfounded by it but she will be to embarrassed to admit that she going to take a dump and will never bring it up.
This will then create a mystique about you because who else does she know who stores their cash in the water closet.

In the end, we have concluded that actually "flushing money down the toilet" is, in fact, totally awesome. So next time someone is going to harsh your mellow over just enjoying things that they deem as wasteful...just remember that you can't refute scientific fact.

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tbone said...

how did i not find this pictures before you?