Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day.

On days like today ballers like the writers here at MakingItRain have a tendencey to sort of take the day off. We feel as if the act of rain making is better left to professionals like ourselves. When you have amateur rain makers out there things can get a little dangerous.


Yesterday was the annual St. Patricks Day Parade in Buffalo, New York. This event will usually bring out anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 people according to the Buffalo News. Which is pretty much the entire population of Buffalo. Drinking generally commences around 9am and goes from anywhere to 10am to 7am the next day. Generally, I would give a 21 hour drinking binge two thumbs up. Think of all of the money you would have to spend drinking that much. Plus I am not even sure someone could drink for that long so the odds are they took a break around Midnight to score a babe or two. Again, I would refer to those actions as totally sweet.


There is one shorty though who might have to take the honors for the most crazy bitch in the greater Buffalo area from the St. Patty's day holiday. Mind you, we do not condone the actions of this woman but shiiiiiiiiiit you have gotta be some kind of bad ass to get away with this.


She got two dwi's in one night. First off, I want to state that in no way do we condone drunk driving. When you have as much scratch as us you can afford to take a limo wherever you want. It is not a big deal. Now that we have that out of the way, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! I mean, how do you even do that? Don't they send you to jail after your first one? So after she gets her first DWI she goes to pick up her boyfriend and the two of them break into her boyfriends mother's house!?!? That is crazy. I mean, I guess that if you are drunk enough to break into your possible one day mother in law's house and you are driving that you may deserve a DWI, but, man, this is just too funny.


So here is to you Hayley Love, I hope that your lawyers can roll these two charges into one. Think of it like when you get a parking ticket. You should have just left that DWI ticket on your windshield then maybe you would have only gotten one.


Don K. said...

Hayley Love, lookin good. You notice how you can always tell someone's trash by the eyes? They just look like dirty eyes and ones always SORTA lazy.

DAVID said...

Hayley Love was on the news again a few weeks back. The jocks on Rock102 in Buffalo were talking about the crazy chick who got the two DUIS in quick succession and she called them from her cellphone while obviously trashed and told them she was the one who had gotten them. The station got in touch with the Amherst Police and they tracked her phone or something and PICKED HER UP AGAIN on the same charge! I don't think I know anybody who's that focked up. I met her a few times at anonymous recovery-related meetings and she showed no desire to do anything about her problem. Shows no affect (emotion) and her eyes are dead. The kid is already dead on the inside and I doubt it'll be too long before she's on the wrong side of the grass. It's funny but damned sad.

hayley love said...

well i would have to say that it was definitely crazy. i didnt know people were talking about me on the inernet like that. oh well. im not dead inside. buffalo is dead inside. well now im back home, safe and sound thank God, in sunny Clearwater, FL. not drinking, and not driving again for 7 more months. I def learned my lesson and I am much happier now that I am back home with my family.

Anonymous said...

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