Sunday, March 23, 2008

Out To Dinner.

Usually here at making it rain we have a tendency to spend most of our money between the hours of 10pm to 4am. We feel like it is the best time to spend your money for the following reasons.

  • Girls prefer having sex when it is dark out.
  • Day drinking, generally, impedes the amount of shit you can get done at work
  • People are more impressed with you flaunting your cash when they are drunk
  • You forget that you spent the money until the morning
  • Did I mention women are looser?

With that said last night I decided to change my general Saturday night agenda. I found myself the most beautiful, expensive escort in all of the city and took her to the most extravagant, luxurious restaurant in all of Buffalo, NY.


Upon our arrival I told the young lady, "Baby, anything you want tonight, you got it." Naturally, she immediately took me to the bathroom and began sucking me off. Thankfully, the restaurant was kind enough to hold our reservation for us while we were in the bathroom. At that point I asked the young man who was serving us to bring us the second most expensive bottle of wine that they had. You see, I didn't want to seem pretentious, I think she found it refreshing.


So after our ambrosial appetizers, we dined on the most huge ass steaks they had this side of the Mississippi. Actually, come to think of it I think the server mentioned them being from Omaha but I was more concerned with pounding more wine.

and pussy.


After receiving the bill I handed off my card to the server and shortly there after he brought it back. After leaving the bill out in the open so the shorty I was with could see just how much money I was throwing away at her expense, she noticed that the credit card was charged $50 less than the actual bill. Now most penny pinchers would quickly sign their receipts and get the hell out of there. Not me though. I said

"Garcon, I believe that there is a mistake with the bill, you have undercharged me."

"It seems that way sir" He responded. Needless to say the babe was impressed. We then proceed to do it for like six hours.


It was pretty cool.

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