Saturday, March 15, 2008

ballah hollah

In case you haven't noticed we really like to talk about ourselves. It's hard not to, though, when your doing amazing shit nearly every minute of the day. Well here at making it rain, we occasionally will take time out of our awesome lives to acknowledge others that live up to our standards.
The first would be a man that I can personally vouch for as being a total bad ass. A couple of weeks back at some party, after pounding two malt liquor 40s, I was given the propers by some dude for my achievement. He then suggested we celebrate by shotgunning deuce-deuces of Camo. It was then I realized that this was no ordinary party was none other than C-REX. While everyone else in the party was sipping on their PBRs and Hamm's ironically we were out back recounting tales about how fucking cool we are. By now, you must know that much about me so I will present some evidence that, in fact, other ballers do exist. Just watch this video and see for yourself.

and if your still not convinced...go to this website

Okay, your probably now convinced about how fucking cool the people we role with are but let me tell you a little story. Apparently, after getting paid ($2000) from a show he just finished, C REX then took that money (which he was supposed to use to go visit his girlfriend) and bought everyone in the venue drinks and then made a 40 sculpture of himself. With that said, I would like to induct C REX as an honorary member of Making it Rain.

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