Sunday, July 29, 2007

WARNING! This post may contain baller antics.

Sure, I acknowledge that Thursdays are pretty sweet in Buffalo. However everyone knows that it is only the day before Friday, the gateway to the weekend.
Fortunately for me my place of employment is also down with wasting its money while getting its party on. It's a pretty awesome feeling to know that you are making loot while pounding glasses of champagne on the job.

Once I was done making money for drinking, it was time to go out and enjoy the weekend. Naturally I gravitated to an establishment that serves some of Portland's tastiest micro brews. Pitchers of this stuff can get mighty expensive. So much in fact that you might think only rock stars could afford them. And you would be exactly right. While chilling out on the patio, none other than Britt Daniel of Spoon rolled up and grabbed a seat right next to me. He must have been there to free up some extra space in his wallet after releasing his new band's new hit album. He obviously brought his lady there to show her how much money he has and to get her drunk. As you would expect he was a bit self conscious of himself after noticing that I was drinking a much more expensive brew that was obviously better tasting than his own. Fortunately for him I had a party to get to.

By this time I had grown tired of drinking deliciously expensive handcrafted beers loved by local rock stars, so I decided to go with a beverage consumed by rappers. Those of you who are fellow listeners may be familiar with a beverage called sizzurp. For those of you who are totally lame, it is a concoction of Vodka, couch syrup, and hard candy. Rappers often praise this witches' brew for its ability to totally mess you up. Once I rolled up to the party (casually late of course) people quickly noticed that I was drinking something way better than their zimas and mike's hard lemonade.

And to think this was just the start of my weekend.

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