Monday, July 23, 2007

Fuck you Ida Tarbell

[Insert fake tears here] The standard oil company put your father out of business. what a shame. That is hardly a reason to start hating on the late great John Rockefeller. The dude was just trying to make some cash and you had to go and write "The history of the standard oil company" Well, on behalf of good ol' J.R the writers here at making it rain want to give you a big old fuck you.
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Then the New York Times deems it appropriate to label your book the 5th best book of the 20th century? Why? Because you uncovered some sort of faux monopoly? I do not intend to sound redundant but fuck you. You know what I am thinking Ida, I am thinking that given the time period of your coming of age that maybe you should have chosen another profession.
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Actually, now that i think about it maybe you would have been better served being it some sort of freak show, you commie bitch.
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In the event that anyone did not understand that joke i am insinuating that she is ugly.


makingitrain said...

i was a little drunk[read: pretty drunk]when i made that post.

conservative bone, straight shooter said...

I was (am) pretty drunk when (as) I heartily cracked (sans -ed) up (like a rich fat cat) at that.