Monday, April 21, 2008

Baller Or Bust?

From his debut in feature film in 1973 until the end of the television series in 1978 Lee Majors was the Six Million Dollar Man, my question before knowing anything about the show other than its name is does he deserve this title?


After a quick search of the popular website Wikipedia I have learned that Lee Majors played a character known as Steve Austin. This character got messed up in some sort of accident and became a bionic man of sorts. I don't quite understand how this makes him a millionaire so I decided to continue reading.


Here is part of the "stub" from Wikepedia that seemed long and boring and has nothing to do with money.
"A number of changes had to be made to Caidin’s version of the character to make him work for television. In the original novels, Austin was a cold-blooded killer, while the TV version rarely killed after his status as a childhood hero had been realized, and in fact Austin explicitly states his opposition to killing in the pilot film.

A number of changes to Austin’s bionics were also made. In the novel, Austin’s left arm, not his right, was the bionic one. Also, the arm was little more than a superpowered battering ram and not as complex as the TV version. Austin was blind in his bionic eye in the books, which was simply used as alternately a camera or a laser, and was removable. The book version of Steve Austin had some abilities the TV version lacked, such as a radio transmitter contained within a rib, a steel-reinforced skull that made it impossible for him to be knocked out with a blow to the head, and a CO2-powered poison dart gun in one of his bionic fingers which the literary version of Austin often used to eliminate bad guys."

Got that? good, because I see nothing at all about money. Why on earth is this guy known as The Six Million Dollar man? I just don't get it.


Without delving further into this "stub" I am going to go ahead and decide that both the charachter "Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man" and Lee Majors are not cheddar shredders. I think the the title of this show was very misleading and if I was of the litigious nature I would totally sue the man who created this program. Thankfully, I am not, fore I am way too busy getting drunk, spending money and hitting on chicks to do that.


Yeah, sure, we'll see about that, baby.

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