Sunday, January 13, 2008

Future Ballers?

Would you believe that the second richest man in the world is from mexico? Seriously. Mexico. The man's name is Carlos Slim, which albiet is a pretty awesome name, this man is worth in excess of $59 billion dollars and he is from Mexico City!


It really makes you think about things. If a guy from Mexico can accumulate something like $60 billion dollars it is very encouraging to other people from very poor countries. Think about it, if you are a beggared youth from some impoverished country that you too have a chance to be a total baller. On top of it all, Carlos Slim is an a fat dude!!!


So what I wanted to do today was take a look at prospective ballers in upcoming generations.


Ho Chi Vatthana is an aspiring billionaire from Laos. Ho Chi is quickly becoming of of the top animal skinner in all of a growing Loasian population. He is currently in dissucions with several Vietnamese business men to bring his company national. With any luck he will be making the forbes top 400 list by 2092.


Since the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990's there have been many entrepreneurs in Serbia trying to cash in with the new capitalist government. One of which is our next gentlemen to be profiled, Tomislav Milicic. Mr. Milicic is responsible for bringing the Olive Garden chain to Eastern Europe. He is also credited with the brilliant mind who thought up the uber successful "all you can eat pasta" campaign which is all the rage of America as we speak.


Who knows who could be next? I mean if you could come from the crumbling economies of Mexico, Laos or Serbia and put together that kind of scratch pretty much anything is possible, like becoming a cultural icon with no talent what so ever.



Talkin_Proud said...

"Talentless hack" is debatable -- he wrote Garden State which I liked.

No way he's a "cultural icon" though. For me, the band Kiss fits both those labels. Something along those lines.

makingitrain said...

i disagree. i think that garden state was awful. very awful in fact. I felt like all he tried to do was create the most pretentious film he could. also, in my mind he talks about how he discovered the shins. I can just imagine him now at a cocktail party talking about how he should get part of their record sales. fuck him. there is no money in record sales.

talentless hack bitch.

p.s. it took wes anderson to get natalie portman naked. if he was not talentless he would have done that himself.

Talkin_Proud said...

In my mind I talk to myself about kicking you in the shins.

Hmmm, Nate Portman -- Once a poor man's Katie Holmes, then better because of Tom Cruise, and now just an everyday Hollywood whore.

Once you give in to getting naked, all bets are off.

D. Thomas Magee said...

'oh does scrubs work here?, i want to meet scrubs, and black scrubs too'